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The Source Groundbait

This versatile groundbait has been developed using the same proven ingredients as the immensely popular 'The Source' boilies and has the same irresistible smell that big fish simply love.

It is excellent when used inside a feeder to target carp and bream or it can be used to top spod mixes, in PVA sticks or just for throwing into your swim to attract fish.

It has a reddish/brown colour to it and mixes beautifully.

The Range;

- The kilo bags are in resalable zip lock packaging meaning you can keep your bait fresher for longer. Shelf life available in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Freezer baits in 15mm and 18mm.
- For baiting campaigns the boilies are also available in 5 kilo bulk bags at a discounted price. Shelf life in 15mm, 18mm and 20mm, freezer baits available in 15mm and 18mm.
- Dumbell boilies in 14mm Shelf life and freezer baits
- Base Mix kit containing the powered base mix and liquid food bottle to roll your own baits or cork ball pop ups. Available kilo and 5 kilo bags
- White Fluro Source Pop Ups are now available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. The 10mm and 15mm pots contain a mixture of round and dumbell shaped pop ups. Each tub includes a free liquid booster bottle.

- Super buoyant Pop Ups are also available in 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Each tub includes a free liquid booster bottle.

- Hardened hookbaits contain 14mm dumbells as well as 15mm and 20mm boilies in the same pot
- Liquid Attractant
- Hookbait Dip
- Feed Pellets in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.
- Hook Pellets 22m and 30mm
- Stick Mix
- Groundbait
- Paste

Features and Videos;
Terry Hearn talks about The Source
Ideal feed for flooded rivers

  • product/thumb_fa280cf96df9c9ccf99673c404418a17 Frenzied Hempseed view
  • product/thumb_a3cd3ff2b529eea4066b63f4e4fe8291 Frenzied Mixed Particles view
  • product/thumb_11e3ca1860e09ffb45a4b165ee2606b1 The Source Sinking Pellets view
  • product/thumb_6f392de2dd505ae1dfdb6a5b707043fd Robin Red Carp Pellets view
  • product/thumb_b8a1b85bebf9ecc502feea27272d81fe Silver X Method Mix 2kg view
  • product/thumb_0305ecabd6bf9025638055544db49714 Swim Stim 2kg Method-Mix view
  • product/thumb_9688251ce5e2ff8b24b92a6ff2658d16 The Source Boilie view
  • product/thumb_8a95a8b226709fdeb73498377a91f7b1 The Source Liquid Attractant view
  • product/thumb_63c3565ad8afdca0dd11e2f23c0128db The Source Pop-ups view
  • product/thumb_45bb3e7301e193caf9cef9bff7bec362 The Source Hookbait Dip view
  • product/thumb_a2b865e309d98aa9fd1bf20b39bc2982 The Source Stick Mix view
  • product/thumb_97f3920d6c1883cdfcc200df49d4ec9b The Source Paste view
  • product/thumb_7fed39fc34aa9983816fcfb752779960 Premium Krill Liquid view
  • product/thumb_c1d179e86cec06990c8740cad4174cb3 The Source Fluro Pop Ups view
  • product/thumb_822776c0c29943074d4564892300a916 The Source Dumbells view
  • product/thumb_6420ae0f23dbb5ca7fc0c8f1c1b4d742 The Source Base Mix view