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The Crave Boilie

The comprehensive year round food source with instant attraction. After extensive development and testing, The Crave offers what is without doubt the ultimate in boilie Nutrition, Attraction, Palatability and Digestibility.

The base mix is made using the finest and freshest pre-digested fishmeals available, in conjunction with Haith’s® world famous Robin Red® & Birdfood blends.

This is then mixed with fresh egg, a very special concentrated shrimp paste (exclusive to Dynamite Baits), winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver available.

These ingredients, carefully blended with two of Terry’s secret attractors result in a boilie that instantly stimulates and promotes a sustained feeding response. Confidence in ‘The Crave’ can be assured.

Tuna Meal,
Sardine & Anchovy Meal,
Haiths Robin Red®,
Haiths Nectar Blend®,
Red Factor,
Concentrated Shrimp Paste,
Winterised Salmon Oil,
Liquid Liver

The Range;
- Kilo bags in Shelf life available in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Freezer baits in 15mm and 18mm.

- For baiting campaigns the boilies are also available in 5 kilo bulk bags at a discounted price. Shelf life in 15mm, 18mm and 20mm, freezer baits available in 15mm and 18mm.

- 14mm Dumbells in shelf life and freezer baits, in kilo bags.

- Also new to the range is The Crave Base Mix. Everything is included in the kit to create your own Crave paste. Although it can be used on its own as a paste, boiling instructions are on the packaging so you roll your own baits. In kilo and 5kg bags.

- Two types of Pop Ups are available in The Crave Range. Pink Fluros in 10mm and 15mm. As well as Food bait pop ups in 15mm with include a free liquid booster bottle.

- Two liquids are available in The Crave range. Both liquids are a combination of oils and liquid food such as winterised salmon oil and liquid liver. The Liquid Attractant is thinner than the hookbait dip and ideal for boilie rehydration or adding to bag/spod mixes. The Hookbait Dip concentrated dip created to not only cling to your chosen hookbait but to create a long lasting scent around the bait.

- Hardened hookbaits contain 14mm dumbells as well as 15mm and 20mm boilies in the same pot

Features and Videos;

River Carp Love The Crave
Barbel on The Crave
Making The Crave Paste with CSL
Step-by-step guide to making cork ball pop ups

Terry Hearn Making Cork ball pop ups
Terry Hearn on 'The Crave' Boilies in Detail

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