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Robin Red Carp Pellets

The legendary Robin Red carp attractant has now been added to a range of pellets so that you can incorporate the proven flavour into your approach wherever you go.

Dynamite has once again teamed up with Haith’s, the original producers of Robin Red, to create these pellets. You can get them in 8mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes and all have been pre-drilled enabling you to fish them on a hair-rig, or pull a bait band through them, without the need to drill the pellets first.

They have a deep red colour that stands out well against most bottoms and matches the rest of Dynamite’s Robin Red range.

Following the success of the pre-drilled pellets, Dynamite have now created a 4mm and 6mm feed pellet version.

The Range;

- The kilo bags are available in Shelf life in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm
- Pop ups in 15mm
- Liquid Attractant
- Hookbait Dip
- Stick Mix
- Feed Pellets 4mm and 6mm
- Pre-Drilled Pellets 8mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm
- Groundbait

Features and Videos;
Fishing for tench


  • product/thumb_fa280cf96df9c9ccf99673c404418a17 Frenzied Hempseed view
  • product/thumb_a3cd3ff2b529eea4066b63f4e4fe8291 Frenzied Mixed Particles view
  • product/thumb_ab7ba8e00fbcd7ce9098f4238375fe4b Frenzied Maize view
  • product/thumb_11e3ca1860e09ffb45a4b165ee2606b1 The Source Sinking Pellets view
  • product/thumb_d195ffcac26a2ea1f16b13eacfda51df Robin Red Boilie view
  • product/thumb_d717bf1c70c2d6cf17fcb7c13ace4b02 Robin Red Stick Mix view
  • product/thumb_8bbecda139406bc1627ccb11cbba52df Robin Red Liquid Attractant view
  • product/thumb_13ebbcc8628930d9af8d5b57b9ff16bc Robin Red Pop-ups view
  • product/thumb_9d5ec842928699b78d72a187c072eb44 Robin Red Hookbait Dip view
  • product/thumb_f899a884dfc031f870949f37a9613f04 Boilie Chops view
  • product/thumb_1bfc771f48ebe83ba6055c67c6dcc40e Premium CSL Liquid view
  • product/thumb_6f0a69dd3c8aa41016f06e8df718a5b1 Carp Bucket 10L view
  • product/thumb_a630d85966315e01eab380520ec579cd Fluro Washed-Out Pop-Ups & Dumbells view
  • product/thumb_7fed39fc34aa9983816fcfb752779960 Premium Krill Liquid view
  • product/thumb_9b63bba8306d20629bbfcee25dea32f6 Premium Squid Liquid view
  • product/thumb_a699a5e1758ba9f4b8dcf6ceb214c93c Robin Red Groundbait view