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Marine Halibut Pellets

Dynamite have always been the pedigree name for Halibut Pellets. We believe our halibut pellets have the highest fish meal and fish oil content available on the market. They are now available in re-sealable bags!

Containing 42% protein levels and packed with Amino acids they really are a superior pellet in every way.

You can get these pellets in sizes from 3mm to 14mm. All are packed full of fish attracting oils and Super G pre-digested fishmeal which makes them appealing to a wide range of species.

Carp anglers favour these when targeting specimen fish because of their immense pulling power and they are also unbeatable for barbel, chub and bream on rivers.

The Range;

- Pre-Drilled Pellets 8mm, 14mm, 21mm - 350g re-sealable bags
- Pre-Drilled Pellets 16mm, 21mm - 900g re-sealable bags
- Pellets 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm - 900g re-sealable bags

  • product/thumb_f749721ea2df3ca0160c8c7cd35b03a6 Marine Halibut Groundbait view
  • product/thumb_d7ed3dbbc20f0f47ae31e466dc61db96 Marine Halibut Method Mix 2KG view
  • product/thumb_8fc02bdc6fb2eb761d6b04bc15785fd5 Marine Halibut Sea Salt Liquid view
  • product/thumb_d7e5ced608ef1f020960a26e8bec64f5 Marine Halibut Pellets Pre-Drilled view
  • product/thumb_9a1cc19ae0ff9b7f71e13688f814c177 Marine Halibut Stick Mix view
  • product/thumb_d6c95b80924ce4b327979e80e7961471 Marine Halibut Sea Salt Boilies view
  • product/thumb_6f392de2dd505ae1dfdb6a5b707043fd Robin Red Carp Pellets view
  • product/thumb_c3a42f52f37afd5f0305d8874d84a29b XL Liquid Halibut Pellet view
  • product/thumb_52c7c4572f8133b154f1e5b6fd1e5a4a Marine Halibut Sea Salt Pop-ups view
  • product/thumb_fb28dd4067d22c3c857c232685f9b4a2 Marine Halibut Sea Salt Hookbait Dip view
  • product/thumb_1e5fa1d3611ad8a888a7c5946ac177d5 Marine Halibut Ready-To-Use Paste view
  • product/thumb_fb2dffd9f53be68fe81193199fa753f0 2kg Halibut & Frenzied Hemp Groundbait view
  • product/thumb_e793b26e047416ae960081f17f6926f8 Marine Halibut Carp/Catfish Hook Pellets view
  • product/thumb_d3e2039dfab51f45370a52cc25abf3a8 Fluro Two Tone Pop-Ups view
  • product/thumb_c1e8a30b5008c61cf8342e8c1725c267 CarpTec Boilie Range view
  • product/thumb_f899a884dfc031f870949f37a9613f04 Boilie Chops view
  • product/thumb_1bfc771f48ebe83ba6055c67c6dcc40e Premium CSL Liquid view
  • product/thumb_6f0a69dd3c8aa41016f06e8df718a5b1 Carp Bucket 10L view
  • product/thumb_a630d85966315e01eab380520ec579cd Fluro Washed-Out Pop-Ups & Dumbells view
  • product/thumb_211d4475ede620817b13ceeb379a1249 Marine Halibut Carp/Catfish Fluro Pop-Ups view
  • product/thumb_7fed39fc34aa9983816fcfb752779960 Premium Krill Liquid view
  • product/thumb_9b63bba8306d20629bbfcee25dea32f6 Premium Squid Liquid view
  • product/thumb_065486f8dcebfa700a4facef956c695f Frenzied Hempseed & Snails view