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Monster Tiger Nut Boilie

Harnessing the devastating attractiveness of a Tiger Nut, this bait contains large amounts of our highest quality tiger nut flour, which contains naturally occurring amino acids such as Lysine as well as essential vitamins & minerals. We then add our very unique & exclusive Vanilla based feed inducing palatant to the flour creating a very sweet, creamy and nutty lingering taste profile.

By sourcing the best natural tiger nut milk and then adding our special all season attractants, taken from the Ice Cream industry, this bait really is taken to the next level and has a solubility factor to die for, no matter how cold the water gets you can be assured that this bait is still pumping fish attracting signals out regardless. A truly addictive bait that is pure confidence in a bag.

Tiger Nut Flour,
Tiger Nut Milk,
Sweet Vanilla Palatant,
All Season Attractants

The Range;

- The kilo bags are in resalable zip lock packaging meaning you can keep your bait fresher for longer.  Shelf life available in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Freezer baits in 15mm and 18mm.

- For baiting campaigns the boilies are also available in 5 kilo bulk bags at a discounted price. Shelf life in 15mm and 20mm, freezer baits available in 15mm and 18mm.

- Dumbells are available in 14mm freezer bait. They come in kilo bags are in resalable zip lock packaging meaning you can keep your bait fresher for longer.

- Super buoyant 15mm Pop Ups are also available, including a free liquid booster bottle.

With the re-launch of the Tiger Nut range Dynamite were keen not to alter the boilie itself as it had been so successful over the years however they wanted to develop some new liquids for a variety of uses.

- The new liquid is a combination of oils and liquid food which is ideal for boilie rehydration, soaking particles and in particular spod mixes. We were keen to create a blend of attraction that would hang throughout the water column and cloud the baited area.

- A concentrated dip was also created to not only cling to your chosen hookbait but to create a long lasting cloud around the bait. Perfect for use with zigs.

Features and Videos;
Three great uses for the Tigernut Liquid
The capture of the awesome Single Scale at 49lb 8oz on Monster Tigernut

  • product/thumb_d34fb0fc0b45052e638091c6f315ca0e Frenzied Tiger Nuts view
  • product/thumb_9f742955ffbdbbc09bdcb2a4cd9403ad Frenzied Chilli Tiger Nuts view
  • product/thumb_cf715cda9bb650ade7b254dd81845245 Monster Tiger Nut Liquid Attractant view
  • product/thumb_a999c461f3dd0ecaba8b0a08f24126fa Monster Tiger Nut Pop-ups view
  • product/thumb_d224539d0e2e63504e462e8fb86033eb Monster Tiger Nut Hookbait Dip view
  • product/thumb_9cec57d1c4a32c14f2ea186fdfa0e81d Monster Tiger Nut Stick Mix view
  • product/thumb_51970e104b2fbe7c0e56d6e18aa52723 Monster Tigernut Red-Amo Boilie view
  • product/thumb_f899a884dfc031f870949f37a9613f04 Boilie Chops view
  • product/thumb_1bfc771f48ebe83ba6055c67c6dcc40e Premium CSL Liquid view
  • product/thumb_6f0a69dd3c8aa41016f06e8df718a5b1 Carp Bucket 10L view
  • product/thumb_4904e549942719273fb02c80ace9a1e7 Surface Baits view
  • product/thumb_ceae963a4475e90cb221cdab7d30aa17 Monster Tiger Nut Dumbells view
  • product/thumb_a630d85966315e01eab380520ec579cd Fluro Washed-Out Pop-Ups & Dumbells view
  • product/thumb_29d2a5b827e85df1b8b3f1f10becb2ab Monster Tigernut Red-Amo Pop-Ups view